Five Years Ago

Not a terribly original blog post title; I’ve certainly done better. But this week five years ago was life changing for me and many others I know, which makes the title rather insignificant, but the subject very significant. Five years ago this week, my first husband was home on hospice. He came home on 2/21/2010 … Continue reading Five Years Ago

Olloclip Experiment

So I only have a few moments to post something and why not make it something related to photography since, well, that’s one of my passions. I recently purchased an Olloclip for my cell phone and oh, what fun! Check out these photos of some tulips that Sugar sent to me at the office. I … Continue reading Olloclip Experiment

I’m So Far Behind I Think I’m First

In no particular order. Holidays Vacation in Cancun A Delightful Knitted Bear Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art Knitting for me Knitting for ML and AG Knitting for family and friends Photography Losing Weight Working Out Organizing Cooking Canning Crafting STELLA!!!! Love Sugar (the man, not the ingredient) Blogging Postcards Swapping Yep. There’s a lot to … Continue reading I’m So Far Behind I Think I’m First