Patty Olson Designs

Welcome to Patty Olson Designs! As patterns are made available information links will appear on this page. I hope you enjoy my patterns!

To see more photos, review more information and to purchase any of these patterns, please click More Info below each description. 



Jorjamae is a rectangular sampler shawl designed to honor my mother who passed away in 2014. Her love of life, her contagious smile, and her passion for flowers are what inspired the stitches for the shawl. It’s a great first lace project for the novice knitter, yet interesting enough for those with more experience. There are two versions of Jorjamae in the pattern, each utilizing multiple stitches throughout.

$6.00 – More Info



Flindrikin is the perfect winter scarf that’s reversible, soft, squishy, full of texture, and of course, toasty warm! The easy to memorize stitch pattern makes it the perfect tv or travel knitting project.

$4.00 More Info



Eirene is the Greek goddess of peace. My grandmother of the same name, was an incredibly peaceful, charming, sweet and very funny lady. Sweet Eirene was created in her memory. This is a comfortable first lace, crescent shawl project for newcomers to lace knitting, and interesting enough for more experienced knitters.

Photo courtesy of Ravelry member, Strem3kids. 

$6.00 More Info



Peltier is a rectangular shawl named after a beautiful lake located close by our new house. Having lived in the suburbs nearly all of our lives, it’s become such a joy to take a short walk to a pretty lake, and enjoy its beauty and the surrounding views in our new little city.

On one such visit I felt inspired to knit a shawl to reflect the beauty of the lake. I chose the lace ribbon stitch used in the body of the shawl because it reminds me of the ripples in the water that occur when a light wind passes over it. And then when the sun begins setting, it’s even more beautiful.

$6.00 – More Info


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