Heat Wave… Whew!

I ended my last post by stating life was grand and almost three weeks later I still feel that way. Despite the fact I’m still unemployed and there’s an ungodly heat wave spreading throughout the Midwest (going on 6 days now, I think, brain is getting so heated I can’t really remember). Example? Minnesota reached a heat index temperature of 120 degrees yesterday. Um, that’s not normal for us folks.

Because of this heat wave we, Sugar and I, have spent a lot of time indoors. Oh, the ‘Sugar’ reference? I previously referred to him as ‘Guy’ but Guy has now informed me that former band mates gave him the nickname Sugar. I neglected to ask why but he said I could refer to him as that in my posts. <Perhaps he’ll let us know how he came to acquire ‘Sugar’, knowing him I’m sure there’s an interesting story we need to hear.>

To occupy our time indoors in the delightful air conditioning, we‘ve played cribbage, Farkle, Dominos (Chicken Foot!) and Cross-Crib. We’ve played other games as well but these are the games we can play at the table.

Speaking of the heat, I believe it was getting to us the other night. Or at least to me. Check out Mr. Farkle Face. You too can make your own Mr. Farkle Face, you need one bouquet of hydrangeas, a pair of cheater glasses and a flash drive for a nose. See?

Farkle Face

I’ve spent a good amount of time on a new knitting project. Oh man, start-itis was getting to me and one day my summer issue of Knitter’s Magazine came. I browsed through not expecting to find anything, to be honest, but I kept going back to one particular pattern. I thought about it for probably 3 days and finally realized I had to make it, it’s the cream colored sweater at this link ==> Nautical Notes.  Below are two progress shots, one is approximately 2” of knitting and the other is 5”.

Progress Shot #1

Progress Shot #2

I must note something for anyone else interested in making this sweater. When you look at all the pictures of the sweater the sleeves do NOT look as bell-shaped as they are. Be careful to review the pattern schematic, because like me you may want to modify it to be a narrower sleeve. I will also be modifying the body as it too flares more than I think I’ll like. As for the stitch pattern itself it’s quite easy to follow.

I’m so thrilled to be knitting something other than the pair of socks I painstakingly finally finished just before I bought the yarn for the sweater. I really like how they turned out but they took me over a year to knit and not because they were difficult, they’re a super easy pattern, but because life was too random and unsettled for so long. That made it hard to concentrate on something as simple as a pair of socks. But now I’ve moved on to the new project and I feel like I’m in a better place, so the knitting is incredibly enjoyable.

I must show the socks completed – well, as completed as they are on the sock blockers. I still need to close one of the toes and really block them, not just stick them on there to take a picture.

A Finished Pair of Socks...

Sugar has been playing around more with his photography and even let me play with his camera on our little visit up north recently. I took the picture below of him playing his banjo, I did pretty good, yes? He’s had this for decades, it was made from a kit. Can you believe it? I never would have thought that was possible – and it sounds great!

KDO - My guy

I was going to talk about our little trip up north recently but I think I’ll wait a day or two. I have quite a few pictures for that post and this one has enough as it is. The photo above, however, was taken inside the cabin we stayed in. Lovely, just lovely.

Stay cool, ya’ll!

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