Our Place

We took an overnight trip recently, Sugar and I, to a lovely bed and breakfast near Brainerd, Minnesota. The building we stayed in (all to ourselves), was two levels and resembled a barn. The lower level had a couple of old chairs, the windows had vintage aprons on them, and there was a non-functioning but gorgeous antique stove as well. Very rustic. In fact, the upper level where the bed, claw-foot tub and bathroom were, had what we believe were hand-hewn planks for the flooring. You could see right through to the lower level. It also had a door that in the wee hours of the night Sugar opened, and we listened to the all of the night sounds that you simply can’t hear in the cities. And it was dark, really dark. No light pollution to spoil the night, we loved that. All in all, it was a very charming and quaint building and property, not cheesy at all. Often these places can overdo the ‘cute’ factor, this place had it all just spot on.

Our breakfast was in an old train car that they’d modified, and again it was decorated just enough to give it character. Our breakfast consisted of blueberry buckwheat pancakes (with freshly ground buckwheat flour), fresh maple syrup made somewhere up north, scrambled eggs from the chickens on the property (there are 9 of them, referred to as ‘the girls’) and a really nice apple/sunflower seed/pumpkin seed/slivered almond granola mix. Oh, almost forgot the organic orange juice and coffee.

It was so wonderful to get away from the cities, even if only for a day. And it was our first trip out of town *together* which made going there so special. We both agreed (and this was his original thought when he found this place online) that this will become ‘our’ place to stay when we go up to visit his family. Or just a place for us to get away, period.

We also met up with his brother, sister-in-law, and their 5 children for a while. That was a really fun visit that included a sunset cruise around the lake on the pontoon. Oh, and his brother caught amazing photos of an eagle just feet away from the property. I’m still in shock at the fact he caught such detail of the eye of the eagle, pretty impressive Mr. M!

I have to mention something before signing off because I think it’s pretty funny and Sugar did point it out himself while taking his shower, so I’m pretty sure it’s okay to. The claw-foot tub was situated in such a way upstairs that Sugar was a bit squeezed height-wise taking a shower, I mean neck-tilt-at-painful-angle squeezed! He survived it but I think he should have taken a bubble bath instead. Heck, I should have done that as I’ve never done that before in a claw-foot bathtub. I’ll make sure to do that next time we’re up there with candles lit, of course, and simply relax to the sounds from the woods outside our window.

That’s it for now. For your viewing pleasure, some photos from the trip.

Someone is a bit tall for the shower...

Our Place To Escape To


2 comments on “Our Place”
  1. Linda says:

    Your pictures are beautiful! Great job. So glad you and Sugar had such a wonderful, relaxing time. Here’s wishing you more of the same for a long, long time!

    1. Cakers & Co says:

      Thank you, Linda. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. 🙂

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