Thirty Years… I Think Not

Well, it doesn’t matter WHAT I think because it has definitely been thirty years since I graduated from high school. The numbers do not lie.

Here’s a fun picture, sort of. That’s me in 1981 on the left, and that’s me on the right last week. Sugar said he wants to try and duplicate the photo from high school so I guess I’m on a mission to find a plaid shirt. I just hope I can get one on the cheap, I’d hate to actually pay good money for one.

Back a few months ago when we were first dating, I told Sugar about my upcoming reunion and I figured he’d say he would find something else to do that night. I certainly didn’t expect him to attend as he didn’t know anyone from my high school and our relationship was still so very new. That could be a scary thing. But he surprised me by saying he’d love to go, that he thought he’d have so much fun. Huh. Go figure.

So last Friday we attended a pre-reunion party at a local bar and grill. He took pictures, lots and lots of pictures. He was having a blast! So was I but I was also very happy that I didn’t have to worry if he was having a good time or not, it was clear that he was. Then Saturday night was the actual reunion at a local hotel. Again, he took pictures and again he had a good time. As did I. See?

It was quite a lot of fun catching up with people and seeing what people looked like now. (Oh, come on! If you aren’t thinking that yourself when it comes time for your own 30th reunion, I may just have to call you a liar.) Some people I didn’t recognize at all, some I knew right off and some I knew who they were but their names were always on the tip of my tongue. No help that tongue. But all in all, it was a very good time and I think I’ll be staying in touch with some very special people that I’d lost touch with over the years. Below are collages of Sugar’s photos along with photos from Mr. S, Ms. G and Ms. Vicki. They all did such a fine job – thank you, everyone!

Well, it’s time for java and job hunting.Ta ta, ya’ll.


One comment on “Thirty Years… I Think Not”
  1. Trey says:

    Good article. I certainly love this site. Keep it up!

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