When I first started on Swap-bot about 5 or 6 years ago, I mostly joined knitting or sewing swaps and an occasional state magnet swap. Over the last 5 months or so since meeting Sugar I’ve been participating almost exclusively in photography related swaps. He has rekindled my love for photography in a way I didn’t expect, I thought I just loved taking a picture now and then for fun. But I’ve discovered that’s it’s much more than that. I realized I wanted to have a way to remember the events in my life, whether it be people, places or things. Whether it’s a big deal or just some simplicity of life. Essentially, I want to create memories.

Sugar and I spent a lot of time together a couple of months ago participating in the Out Of The Box Alphabet Challenge Swap, weeks, in fact. Talk about a way to get to know each other, those were some wonderful dates that have become fond memories for me and hopefully, for him as well.

Each time he took a picture during that swap I would pay attention to what he was photographing and why he chose that subject. Since then I have found myself paying more attention to the world around me, and discovering what I feel would be appropriate photography subjects as well as great ways to capture memories.

How about these ideas? Before meeting Sugar, I don’t think I would have found these subjects very interesting but now I do.

  1. Brick walls in an alleyway
  2. The underside of flowers and super close-up shots of the middle of flowers
  3. Stair railings and stairs
  4. Fence posts
  5. Bugs in the grass
  6. Wine bottle labels
  7. Motorcycle parts
  8. Railroad tracks
  9. Old bridges
  10. My toes peeking out of the bubbles in a bubble bath
  11. Bus stop ads
  12. Mossy trees
  13. The bottom of Stella’s paws
  14. The American Flag
  15. My face reflected in the back of his motorcycle helmet

Currently, I’m in a swap called “I Spy With My Camera – August”. We need five pictures to satisfy the swap in the categories listed below, interpretation is up the participant but the host has provided a reason for requesting these subjects.

  1. Motorcycle – The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is held the first full week in August each year
  2. The Number 8 – August is the 8th month
  3. Beer – International Beer Day is August 5th
  4. Something Green – The birthstone for August is peridot, which is green
  5. Something That Begins With The Letter A – August begins with A

I’ve taken all of the pictures and have them ready except for the letter A (they’re at the end of this post) and I need to mail this package out tomorrow. I told this to Sugar at lunch today and he came up with Agriculture for the letter A. Brilliant!

But how will we get this picture of ‘Agriculture’? Why, by taking a motorcycle ride this evening south of the cities to a rural area he saw on his morning motorcycle ride, of course. He said he there was a beautiful spot with rolling fields that he passed and wished he’d had his camera to get a picture of it.

So we’re both going to get something out of this. I can fulfill the last requirement of my swap; he can get a picture of the area that caught his eye. But most importantly, together we’re creating yet another memory that will remain forever in my heart.


The Number 8
8 Peppers




One comment on “Memories”
  1. Hey Cakers! You already know that I already know that you’re a pretty special and spectacular UW. .I’ve always like your photos and I’m glad you are exploring the process more, as well as using the process to explore yourself.

    I’m so happy for you, that you now have Stella and Sugar. I’m also so happy for them, because they have you. Now the Stella-Sugar relationship, that just cracks me up.

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