Foodies, Calling All Foodies

Sugar and I like to play with our food. Not in the naughty way… well, that may not be entirely true, but that’s not what this post is about. He and I are both willing to play around with combinations of veggies, fruits and yes, even meat, to keep our meals interesting. There’s a running joke with him to his friends and family about never getting to eat meat with his meals but he does, not always, but more than he claims. Tsk tsk…

Tonight we had grilled asparagus that was coated in olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. Sugar was in charge of that and it tasted amazingly nutty and it was crunchy and oh, so heavenly. We essentially noshed on those while waiting for the tilapia. The tilapia had a tortilla, chipotle and lime crust and I must admit that for a frozen, pre-seasoned fish entree, it was mighty delicious. I wanted to buy the fish plain and coat it myself with some corn meal and jerk seasoning but the store I went to didn’t have any. They had plenty of cod and walleye but I had my mind set on the tilapia.

Suffice to say, dinner tonight turned out quite yummy. Check out the asparagus!

We’ve also eaten a lot of veggie salads this summer, a lot of them with quinoa. Some even had meat in them. Below are a few more photos to whet your appetites. As for us? It’s time for an evening motorcycle ride. Toodles!


3 comments on “Foodies, Calling All Foodies”
  1. Shari says:

    OmGosh, but I love reading your blogs! Also … “Toodles”? 😀 .. Oh, but that brings back memories! LOL

  2. Sugar says:

    Not to worry… this sneaky bugger sometimes goes someplace meaty for lunch during the week without telling you. ~snicker~

    1. Cakers & Co says:

      I’m so not surprised.

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