Glug, Glug, Glug

That title is so not true. I only had what probably amounted to less than ¼ cup of wine at the winery today. But I did eat about a handful of the grapes that we harvested as I was moving down the rows with my lug (lug = container to hold grapes sheared off the vines). Of what do I speak? Well, before I get to that I want to talk about lunch yesterday.

I grew up in a household with one brother (a year younger) and one sister (a year older), my mom and her second husband. Marv had two children from a previous marriage, Shari who is a couple of years older than me and her brother Terry, he passed away in 1990 (I’m not positive on the year). The five of us kids spent time lots of time together over the years here and there, but as we all got older and became adults we grew apart. Sad really, when I give it serious thought, because what a loss it has been to not have interacted with my step-sister (whom I call Sis) for the last 25 years. She has been married that whole time and with her husband Patrick, raised three great kids.

Thanks to Facebook (heaven forbid credit goes there but I have to give it where it’s due), Shari and I found each other and began communicating again last year. It was so wonderful to hear from her and attempt to get caught up via Facebook, but because of life and its various challenges we just weren’t able to make a real meeting happen until yesterday.

The four of us, Shari and Patrick, Sugar and I, met up at a restaurant out in the boonies and had a blast of a time for nearly two hours. And we all swore it won’t take 25 years to schedule another lunch. I love you, Sis. Oh, and Patrick, you’re still pretty cool in my book.

Patrick & Shari

Sugar & Cakers

Oh yes, the winery, you want to know about that don’t you? There’s a really cool place about 50 or so miles from our house where people can participate in the harvesting of the grapes in the fall. I’d never heard of it, I don’t think I even knew until a couple of months ago that certain places in Minnesota grew their own grapes and manufactured their own wine. I know, silly me.

At any rate, Sugar said he’d done this once before and he thought I’d enjoy myself as well. I did enjoy myself and in fact, I’m on board to do it again next year. But rather than me explaining why they allow us common folk to help harvest the grapes (our group harvested around 5,000 pounds today, and the grape we harvested was called Prairie Star) and to give you more information about the winery and how you can participate (it’s free, ya’ll!), here’s the link to Cannon River Winery.

And now I give you photos. Enjoy.


4 comments on “Glug, Glug, Glug”
  1. I always love the pick you own farms, but doing it for someone else — just for fun — yes, I think I could do that too and enjoy myself !

    1. Cakers & Co says:

      It really was such a fun time. I sincerely didn’t know what to expect and so the end result was a delightful surprise. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Cakers!
    Thanks for harvesting this weekend and for posting an awesome blog about it! Would it be alright if I ever posted this to our facebook or website?

  3. Shari says:

    Oh how FUN! You two sure get around! Love to see you both enjoying each other and LIFE. Great seeing you again, and meeting you KDO! Let’s do it again SOON!

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