So I Says To The Guy, I Says

Are you Jamaican Me Crazy or what?

Okay, I didn’t say that.

But we did have some Jamaican Me Crazy coffee this week. Delicious, oh man, just wonderful.

Also, this week I worked on cutting out our Halloween costumes and this weekend I plan to start sewing Sugar’s. But tomorrow we’re headed to an art fair an hour or so from here. It’s located in a beautiful area of Minnesota, right along the river. Weather permitting we’ll take the motorcycle, otherwise, the convertible. Both are great options in my book.

What else, what else? Oh, I joined a couple of interesting groups on Swap-bot this week because they sounded so NOT like the normal crafty-trade types. One of which most may not think of me as the typical type of participant but it will allow my super creative side to be more uncensored than normal, I’m really looking forward to that.

Fall has arrived here along with unusual warm temperatures and winds. I went for a walk the other day to the park and took some pictures – I’m actually surprised they turned out because it was so crazy-windy. Sheesh.

Sugar and I are enjoying the changes made around the house lately. He’s gotten rid of the behemoth television I’d had since 2000. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about, right?? It’s about the size of a horse and takes two strong men to haul its butt out the door on to the motorcycle jack where it was pushed into the garage until we can bring it somewhere to get rid of it.

He’s also finished the bathroom, no more black mold. Thank God. It’s quite nice having a tub surround though I would prefer tile. But we’ll do that in a few years, this is the perfect solution until we can agree on what we both want in there. Who knows, we could bump out the house and have a bathroom with a hot tub. Goodness only knows.

Stella was appreciating the cooler weather recently (before this mini-warm wave came along) and just lazed about all day long on Sugar’s big green fuzzy blanket. I couldn’t even make the bed, thanks to her doing that. In fact, she tempted one day to nap WITH her. I ask you, did I really have a choice?


One comment on “So I Says To The Guy, I Says”
  1. Shari says:

    Nice .. love reading what you have to say. You keep so busy busy! and I like, I LIKE! But, I LOVE the fall photo’s. My Favorite being #6.

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