I Am Remiss

I won some lovely yarn last month (oops, too long ago!) from a very generous woman who was clearing out her stash before she moved across the pond to England. I received the wonderful yarn, I donated some money to defray the cost of shipping and I thanked her via e-mail, and that’s all well and good in the scheme of things. However, I neglected to acknowledge her on my blog. Shame on me.

So a very big thank you to Kathleen at Knit Like You Mean It for the delicious Harrisville Tweed yarn, two skeins of it! One in a pretty green and another in an oatmeal color. If you haven’t felt this yarn before it’s really yummy. And by the way, folks, if you’d like a good read from a knitter head over to her blog.

Oh, and though I don’t put a whole lot of knitting stuff on this blog like I did the old one, I do still knit and I’m on Ravelry (my profile name is knitgirl63). Enjoy your day!

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