Where’s Cakers?

Cakers has been on a ride for the last three weeks. Yep, it’s been three weeks on the new job. Along with 2 days off thanks to the holidays. Lots of learnin’ going on, meeting tons of people, and one of the best things of all being there? It’s that ‘F’ word – FUN!

More about the fun in a later post. I really want to spend some time with Sugar tonight as he’s been super, crazy busy with work and stressed out a bit. So he needs some TLC – we’re going to watch Body of Proof. Hey, it’s a great show and we snuggle up to watch it. But that means this will be a very short post. (I think I can do a short post, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…)

Oh, Stella has not been too happy with me not being here all day. Actually, it has probably been harder than I realize because ever since I adopted her I’ve been here all day, everyday. Then I’m suddenly gone multiple days in a row? Wowza, that’s been a challenge. Poor thing.

Well, another challenge has been the change in her feeding schedule, she’s gotten chubby. Yes, she’s 10 1/2 pounds. Sheesh. You know what that means, don’t you? A new nickname – Chubbles. She’d been sneaking food and now she’s on a diet. See her blog for more about that, she’ll be putting out an update this week.

So, time has flown by and I feel like I’m not getting everything done I need to but I did succeed in finishing a pair of fingerless mitts (called Dashing) for Sugar’s brother-in-law. They could have been done lots sooner but someone offered me a job, so as much as I enjoy knitting, work had to come first. (Work! I’m working!!) I’m really pleased how they turned out. See for yourself. They’re modeled by Sugar. Purr…


One comment on “Where’s Cakers?”
  1. Sugar says:

    They really *are* Dashing.

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