April Photo A Day Challenge

A Collage of All 30 Photos

Day 30 – Something That Makes You Sad – I was in New York vacationing with my friend Cinta and her mum, Sheryl, in September 2010.  The photo is of the lights that are lit as a memorial to those lost. This was as viewed from Brooklyn. We attended the memorial service that weekend, it was emotional, moving and incredibly sad.

Day 29 – Circle – This is a ring that Sugar bought for me last year at the Edina Art Fair. I treasure it immensely. It’s a symbol of our love.

Day 28 – 1pm – I had just started canning my salsa at 1pm on the dot. Here are the fruits, er, salsas of my labor.

Day 27 – Somewhere You Went – Last summer in July, Sugar and I took a little trip up north to a quaint B & B. Memorable, indeed.

Day 26 – Black & White – These are two of my favorite recent black and white photos (Cakers & Sugar, of Cakers & Co.). They speak to a simplicity and era gone by. We need to take more B&W photos. Jussayin’.

Day 25 – Looking Down – I was coming back from lunch through the skyway (think gerbil trails for humans) and happened to glance down and witness a woman offering lunch to a gentleman who was down on his luck. I heart that woman.

Day 24 – Something You’re Grateful For – Family, and in particular, my mom. In this photo she was on her way to recovering from cancer (that’s my brother with her, mr sunburn, it was in the upper 90’s plus incredible humidity levels this day, and he works outside, hence the sunburn). Now she’s suffering from something else but she’s a fighter, my mom. I love you, Mommy.

Day 23 – Vegetable – Growing up you couldn’t get me to eat asparagus for anything. As an adult I’d tried it a handful of times at restaurants but it was always mushy or over cooked. Then I tried it sauteed in olive oil and garlic, and it was only cooked al dente – so flippin good that it has become my favorite vegetable.

Day 22 – Last Thing You Bought – Well, technically it’s the last thing my handsome boyfriend bought me but I had intended to buy it myself. He bought it for me this morning and I’ve been grinning ever since.

Day 21 – Bottle – This is a bottle of really good beer I tried recently. I love the colors on it, makes me smile.

Day 20 – Something You Drew – I’ve done a few doodle drawings based on a method called Zentangle. This is one of them. It’s not very good, in my opinion, but I’ve only just begun.

Day 19 – Orange – This is a plaque on our bedroom wall. I love the way she’s riding her bike, so carefree. I love doing that!

Day 18 – Hair – I went literal by taking a photo of my hair, which is red, but then played with the settings and got it super red!

Day 17 – Something You Don’t Like – Oysters, yes, oysters. I don’t care how much of an aphrodisiac they’re supposed to be, I’m not eating them. Nope. Can’t make me. I’d rather eat SPAM.

Day 16 – Flower – Lilacs, my second favorite flower. Tulips are my number one favorite but they aren’t blooming yet in our yard. Wait, we don’t have tulips planted… we need to do something about that.

Day 15 – Sunset – Bridge overlooking the Mississippi River, viewing from the St. Paul side of the river.

Day 14 – How You Feel – I have a collection of two-faced, glass clowns, happy face on one side and a sad face on the other. Yesterday I felt like the sad face, today I’m definitely the happy one. My life is truly so amazing.

Day 13 – Something You Found – In May 2010 I was in Duluth, Minnesota, visiting a friend over my birthday weekend. We were on the beach of Lake Superior and I found this incredible piece of driftwood. In total, it’s about 18″ long, swirls and divots everywhere. That was a rough year for me and this holds some positive memories.

Day 12 – Stairs – There’s a flight of stairs at work that we’re not allowed to use. Seriously. And I can’t tell you why.  So, naturally, I had to take a picture for today’s challenge.

Day 11 – Your Breakfast – One of my favorite combinations, fat-free, vanilla, Greek yogurt and low-fat granola. And java. Good grief, do NOT forget the java.

Day 10 – Cold – This was tough because I didn’t want to use a picture of snowfall from this year. Yes, we did get some. Not much, but some. Anyway, this shot glass was my dad’s and I remember him using it when I was a kid. He died in 1986 so it’s been around a while. I poured myself a small bit of vodka and added an ice cube. Then I toasted him.

Day 9 – Younger You – This is from when I was about 19 and goofy as hell. Wait, I think I’m still a little goofy. Yay! Oh, and I’m on the right. I used to be a blonde.  And do take note of the 4 letters on my chest. Ahem.

Day 8 – In Your Wallet – Self explanatory.

Day 7 – Shadow – Not terribly original, but we didn’t get sunshine until just a bit ago and being so windy, it’s been near impossible to keep the shadows that showed up around long enough to photograph.

Day 6 – Lunch – Elbow noodles with butter, basil, black pepper and sea salt.

Day 5 – Tiny – Lilac buds. About a month early – excited to see them bloom but it’s so early.

Day 4 – Someone Who Makes You Happy – My guy rocks in making me happy.

Day 3 – Mail – This is the mailroom at work. Far more interesting than anything mail-related I could photograph at home.

Day 2 – Color – I’d painted my toenails blue, and was wearing my purple polka-dotted jammies and that was going to be my photo, but then I saw that a rainbow was appearing on the carpet from the glass crystal I have hanging from our bedroom window. Naturally, it all had to be in the picture.

Day 1 – Reflection – Playing with the camera in front of the mirror above the fireplace.
(I had to create a new post as the original one wouldn’t let me de-select the Publish to Facebook option. My apologies to those who had commented on the original one as I’ve lost your comments.) 
For more information on this challenge, go to Fat Mum Slim and check it out.
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2 comments on “April Photo A Day Challenge”
  1. christine says:

    That hat is fierce! And I love the secret stairs. So intriguing..

    1. Cakers & Co says:

      Hi Christine,

      Thank you so much for the compliments and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond.

      I’ve been wearing that hat off and on since Sugar bought it for me. In fact, I wore it yesterday and he put a rose in the ribbon that surrounds it from our rose bush. Yep, he’s a romantic.

      The stairs are interesting, aren’t they? We’ll hear music, conversation, and the receptionist talking to people, and though we’re all a part of the same ‘team’, if we want to go see and chat we have to take the elevator.

      Advertising is an interesting business. 🙂

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