Block Me, Baby

I finished knitting a lace scarf about 2 years ago. Well, it’s been at least that long ago though it’s likely been longer, I honestly can’t recall. But my best friend every once in awhile reminds me that I haven’t blocked it.

Until now.

Sugar and I were heading out the door to do a little Sunday meandering yesterday and I thought, “I’ll quick block this and then we can go.”

Note to self: there is no such thing as ‘quick blocking’. At least not with a 50″ long, 6″ wide lace scarf. 

So while we didn’t leave at the time we thought we would, and it took longer to block than I thought it would, truly it was time well spent. Would you agree?

The truest color of the scarf is the top left photo. And there’s a bonus photo after the collage; Stella couldn’t help but get involved.


2 comments on “Block Me, Baby”
  1. Beautiful.. the blocks and the cat too!

    1. Cakers & Co says:

      Thank you, Johannah. 🙂

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