Blocking Is Fun

In my previous post about blocking the lace scarf I quietly lamented how long it took me to actually block it. I neglected to mention that I used at least 200 pins to do so. Yeah, that’s a LOT of pins.

I also spent some time last week blocking the first few swatches I knit up for a friend who needs them for a book she’s writing. Those were easy and fun and didn’t take 200 pins for each one. Speaking of swatches, I must be off, I have more knitting to do for her! 🙂


4 comments on “Blocking Is Fun”
  1. So you do this by hand? Have you ever used a machine?

    1. Cakers & Co says:

      I do take care of the blocking by hand.

      Blocking for knitting is where you dampen the finished knitted item, then form it on a surface using pins. It’s really just to make things look tidier (show the stitches better), shape the finished item, and make the seams easier to sew (which is usually done by hand). I don’t think you could sew to block knitted things, at least I’ve never thought about it. Hmmm.

      Knitting is definitely a labor-intensive hobby, but I really have learned to love all aspects of it. Thanks for swinging by. 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Beautiful swatches! I really like the blue one.

    1. Cakers & Co says:

      Thank you, that’s one of my favorites too!

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