Golden Hour

The “Golden Hour”: also known as lighting.

I think it really is all about the lighting sometimes in photography, especially for me when it comes to photographing flowers. We’d been wanting to catch that proverbial golden hour to do just that, so last evening we took a ride to our favorite public garden area and I caught what I think are some lovely photos.

I hope you see the beauty in them as well and that your day is made just a little bit brighter.


7 comments on “Golden Hour”
  1. Agreed… these are gorgeous…Wish I could pin some of them – amazing!

    1. Cakers & Co says:

      Aw, thanks so much Johannah. I really enjoy taking photographs and it’s double the pleasure for me when others enjoy the final photos as well.

  2. Amber says:

    Nice captures! Looks like the garden is a very pretty sight.

    -PrincessB from blog lovin swap

    1. Cakers & Co says:

      It definitely is a pretty sight, even in the fall. Thank you for the compliment! 🙂

  3. Beautiful shots! Great exploration of the variety of texture and shape, as well as color. There are some that I’ve never seen before. The third and fifth in the first column are great use of light, and the fifth in the third column, the blue pinwheel against a white sky, is a wonderful picture. I also like the bud in the second picture down in the third column – it’s a wonderful shape.

    1. Cakers & Co says:

      Hey Kitten! Nice to hear from you. Thanks so much for the compliments – coming from you who takes some awesome pictures himself, that’s high praise. That pinwheel flower is cool, isn’t it? The photo actually turned out with a really dull blue back ground and the flower was almost a purple blur, I nearly deleted it. But while in Picture Manager just for giggles, I clicked on Auto Correct and it made THAT. I was tickled!

      That bud you refer to, it’s a spike ball that’s hard and slightly painful to touch. But I don’t think it’s actually a bud, I think it just stays that way and it’s purple at some point. KDO and I will have to check it out again soon to see what the progress is.

      I love playing with light. Both KDO and I have been known to lay down the ground to get just the right angle of the sunlight for a photo. I lucked out here with those you mentioned. We actually go this public garden about every month because the flowers and bushes change so quickly there that it’s fun to see what’s new.

      Thank you for stopping by, I always love hearing from you.


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