Big Huge Labs – I Thank You

I do so love a mosaic maker. And Big Huge Labs has a really fun one that’s FREE. You can choose your own grid or pick one of the other options. Then you simply upload a picture or a gagillion picures, and off you go creating a one of a kind collage.

For this one I used one photo, saved it in 5 different color hues in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, and flipped two of them horizontally. I figured it would give some interesting texture to the final collage.

I then went to BHL and chose the 4×4 grid option. I simply loaded each of those photos (click on Choose File, then Upload) and arranged them into the grid boxes provided (they show as a vertical column of thumbnails, you don’t see the final mosaic just yet).

After I loaded the pictures I clicked on Create and voila, a collage was created just for me. When I glanced at the first two rows it was if they were mirror images of each other, but there were duplicate colors below the first row and were identical. So I clicked on Edit and went back to my vertical column of thumbnails, switched a few things around and below was the final result.

What are you waiting for? Go play!


One comment on “Big Huge Labs – I Thank You”
  1. Anonymous says:

    testing one two three

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