August Photo a Day Challenge

Day 1: OUTSIDE – This is at the base of our light post in the front yard.

Day 2: ONE – I think this is just such a beautiful flower, even all on its own.

Day 3: COIN – An assortment of coins from four different countries.

Day 4: SOMEWHERE YOU SAT – My manager’s office, where I interviewed for my current job.

Day 5: LOGO – This is our garage door opener. Talk about ancient!

Day 6: WRITING – Every day when I get to work I make a list of the things I need to do that day. Then I attempt to actually follow the list and get everything crossed off by the end of the day.

Note the word ‘attempt’.  

Note what has been crossed off thus far today.

Exactly one thing.

Welcome to the business world. 🙂

Day 7: EIGHT O’ CLOCK – Ever since I left my old job (ok, I was laid off but I still left it, right?) I haven’t worn a watch. It now feels foreign to do so. But I found this watch at a store and love the colorful numbers so I found a place for it on the wall in my office at work.  

Day 8: GLASSES – I was going to photograph stemware for this subject but changed my mind when it dawned on me that I’ve worn prescription glasses from the time I was 7. I’m now 39 plus years older than that. Wow. Anyhoo, back to business.

Once in a while I’ll wear contacts which means I get to wear sunglasses – that would be the 3 pair (pairs?) in the back. The first pair are cheaters, worn with my regular glasses on or contacts. I know…age.

Sheesh…I just can’t get away from glasses!

Day 9: MESSY – I don’t normally let the dining room table get this crazy-messy (I really prefer it bare except for the woven runner and wire bin with rocks) and I’d been trying to leave the laptop in the office.  But this week was really busy with stuff at home and it got out of control. To be fixed on Friday, trust me!

Day 10: RING – A ring I bought about 10 years ago, maybe less. I want to repurpose it somehow. Maybe use the diamonds to create an interesting and beautiful pendant. 

Day 11: PURPLE – I’ve never been able to wear baseball caps and look decent in them, and I think it’s because the back of my head is shaped a bit oddly. But when my late husband and I went to New Mexico a few years ago and explored the White Sands National Monument, I enjoyed myself so much I needed a souvenir. And since my favorite color is purple I had to have the cap – regardless of how it fit.

Day 12: SPOON – This is one of my favorite combinations of food. Fat free Greek vanilla yogurt with low fat granola and some Craisins thrown in for color. What you see in the photo is the first bite I was about to take, so yummy!

Day 13: SIMPLE – The last bit of the crusty bread – simple and delicious – that I ate with some southwest vegetable soup from a local eatery. Quite a wonderful lunch. 

Day 14: ARROW – On the package of microwave popcorn.

Day 15: READY – This is an herb chicken Mediterranean pizza ready to be popped into the oven. 

Day 16: FOOD – I had intended to have a low-fat scone from a local coffee shop but there was a bakery at the farmer’s market, so chocolate deliciousness won instead!

Day 17: FACES – I think kitty faces qualify as faces, don’t you? These are part of a ginormous wall art mural near the Lyn/Lake area. I’ll do a blog post after the challenge is over with more wall art from the Minneapolis area. Some of it is rather amazing.

Day 18: INSIDE – Raw sugar cubes inside a tiny container at a local eatery.

Day 19 : HOLE: This is a hole made by a jackhammer on the back sidewalk slab. Um, it’s not filled with anything – Instagram did that. I didn’t notice it until now that it might look like it’s filled with blood. Oh dear. Oh well, enjoy!

Day 20: TODAY: On this day I was at the light rail station waiting for the train to go to work. 

Day 21: COOL: Super cool yarn and new knitting needles for a future project!

Day 22: HOME: Photos on top of the fireplace mantel in our home. 

Day 23:  PAIR – A favorite pair of earrings.

Day 24: PATH – Sugar, my boyfriend, is fixing the sidewalk alongside the house. He’s doing it with crowbars, pea gravel and I think, a little magic.

Day 25:  FRESH – Fresh, sweet, juicy corn from the good old Midwest. This was so sweet and juicy we couldn’t believe it. 

Day 26 : DREAM – I dream that I can eat items like this, cheese and rosemary scones, without worrying about gaining weight!

Day 27 : TAP – Beer tap at work with a fabulous beer that gives all its proceeds to charity. 

Day 28 : CLOCK – A Frank Lloyd Wright model.

Day 29 : DOWN – Looking down our laundry chute from the bathroom. It opens into the utility room (where the furnace and water heater are, and a half bath).

Day 30: CARD – I’m not much on the glittery stuff or silly stuff but this card I found to be quite beautiful. Plus the simple message of one word, Believe, is inspiring to me.

Day 31 : HIDDEN – Stella, our cat, has a tendency to hide her toys in other things. This time it was a sparkle ball in one of my shoes.

Info regarding challenge: August Photo a Day Challenge at Fat Mum Slim.


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