Hands At Rest

Two nights ago was the last time I did any knitting. I’m okay with that as I’d been helping a friend, Melissa, knit swatches for her book since the end of April, and I’d knitted almost every night since then (I’m a good knitter, albeit a slow one). I’ll do a post about that at another time.

Tonight I’m realizing that it’s just kind of weird not having any knitting on the agenda.

Don’t misunderstand me – I have projects ready to work on and ones I’d like to get started. There’s the baby gift I need to finish and the other half of it to start. Then I have a jacket pattern that I purchased the yarn for and would love to get it on the needles because it’s going to be so wonderfully amazing (it happens to be one of Melissa’s patterns).

I’m also in search of a sock pattern because it gives me goosebumps and makes me almost giddy knitting socks, but it has to be just the right one. <Feel free to offer ideas!> I even plan to make myself a pair of felted mittens for the winter ahead but I need to buy some mohair to knit with the wool as it adds dimension and depth. Oh, I want to also make a watch cap for Sugar utilizing one of the stitches I learned during the knitting project. And finally, I want to design a shawl for a future,  life altering event with Sugar. <Stitch ideas are welcome – must be easy, airy, and use at least a sock weight yarn, no lace weight.>

But I find I’m unable to and part of me is okay with that, though the other part – there are two in this particular situation – is questioning why I don’t have needles and yarn in my hands.  And the answer I’m realizing is simple. They need a break, a rest. And they’ll tell me when they’re ready.

Until then, I’ll fiddle with my photography, enjoy doing things with Sugar (who was supremely amazing and supportive during the project) and give Stella more play time. And blog. Because I really, sincerely miss blogging. Or maybe it’s that I miss writing. Whatever the case, I’d like to get back on board with blogging here at Cakers & Co and at In The Kitchen Photography. Oh, and Stella (yes, the cat that eats too much) is already conjuring up some silly story for her blog, Addicted to Humans, which incidentally also needs a bit of revamping.

I end this post with a photo I took during the golden hour before sunset a few nights ago. I hope you see the beauty, feel the warmth and relish the calmness as I do.


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