Hands Back At Play

Back almost exactly a month ago I had put out a post noting a need to rest my hands for a bit from the knitting I’d done over the summer. Some might not understand that knitting can be very restorative but it can also be the opposite. For instance, when there’s pressure to get something done by a certain time and it has to be perfect, that gives the craft a whole new perspective. At least it did for me.

Mind you I didn’t feel as much pressure as I imagine the author I was working for did (it’s her bread and butter to do this, it’s a hobby for me) but I felt enough to affect me. But to be quite honest it was really self-inflicted. Yes, I needed to get one thing done for her so I could move on to the next and then request another pattern, and so on. But I never really figured out how to plan my time and the projects properly and my psyche paid for it. I’ll be much better the next time around, believe me. So once I turned in the last project to ML, I was done knitting for an unknown length of time.

A few weeks after that post I felt a slight itch to knit again. I didn’t know what I wanted to work on; I had (and still have) two baby projects in the works for friends, but that knitting wasn’t calling to me. So I went out to one of my favorite sites, Ravelry, and started looking around. I found a group called Calling All Knitters (you might not be able to see Ravelry links unless you log in to Ravelry) that was about to set up a knitting challenge for anyone who signed up by a certain date. The group hosts would find something in Ravelry for you to knit and you’d have one month to finish it from the time they assigned it to you. You could note what you like or dislike when signing up in order to help them decide but otherwise, it was up to them.

I was assigned a pattern called Ripple Cowl by Robin Sample and I loved it. I made a couple of mistakes along the way but I didn’t mind and I didn’t remove them. Why? Well, I remember a knitting instructor, I don’t recall who, telling me once that there is no such thing as perfect knitting. In fact, there was a time and some knitters still do this, when knitters purposely put a mistake in their work as it makes their final garment unique. Unique as we humans are that only seems appropriate to me.

I finished the cowl on Friday night (October 5) and blocked it over the weekend. I’ve attached a photo of it along with one of me being silly while wearing it. Looks a bit like an Elizabethan collar, doesn’t it? But I really like it! I enjoyed the stitch as it’s easy but looks complicated and it feels thick, which will help with the fall winds that are now upon us. I used Cascade 220 yarn in the colorway Pesto. It’s just lovely.

Oh, I also discovered another item that I finished twoyearsago. Yes, I typed that all as one word because I’m embarrassed as I’d never blocked it and it’d been sitting in a drawer for two years! So this weekend I blocked that as well. That one is called K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Scowl – a scarf/cowl combination. It’s a tube for the neck area that has a panel in front that continues down the front of the chest. I made it in Mountain Colors River Twist in Pine Creek. That was a wonderful yarn to work with as well, it’s incredibly soft. I have to remember to work with that again in the future.

As for whether or not I’m back into knitting completely, I’d have to say absolutely!

So now for your viewing pleasure I offer a picture of each of the finished items. I played with the photos in Instagram so the colors aren’t true (except for the one of me) but I thought they should have an interesting finale since one item took so long to complete and the other was done so quickly!

Moi wearing the Ripple Cowl

Ripple Cowl

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Scowl


2 comments on “Hands Back At Play”
  1. Love the cowl. I’d pay money for that! Warming the neck like a scarf but without all the long, loose ends that can get in the way of movement.

    1. Cakers & Co says:

      Thank you, Julia! It was a lot of fun to make and though I haven’t worn it yet, I expect I’ll get a lot of use from it. So nice to have something that’s not only functional but pretty to boot!

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