Ya Wanna?

KDO (aka Sugar) and I have known for nearly a year that we wanted to get married, but while I’m all for equality and whatnot, I also love tradition. So I expressed my desire to be proposed to. I even said at one time it could be a twist tie from a bread bag, it doesn’t matter. KDO’s feeling ready to ask me to marry him does.

I, being the planner of *everything*, was hoping his proposal would be around the holidays. But during one conversation about a certain topic that I felt had an impact on our situation; I let him know it would be okay to wait until the beginning of 2013 but secretly hoped it would be happen during the holidays. Hey, I’m a girl and I like pretty things. 🙂

I began to have my doubts it would happen this year and kept telling myself to calm down and enjoy the journey on the way to being engaged, 2013 would be here soon enough. That didn’t help for long, I have to admit! I would lob inquiring, sneaky questions and he would lob slight indifference back at me. It was all done in sweet jest, mind you, but we were both fishing for information. I was failing and he, as it turned out, was succeeding. I started to think he was going to wait until January. Well, naturally I’m thinking that he better by Jan 2 because I need a date for the planning and all, right? But then the sauerkraut and winks happened.

He had asked me for a couple of jars of my salsa because he was going to do some trade with someone a few weeks ago. But it was said with sort of a sly, wink-wink look. Then he did it again another time. I got suspicious but didn’t say anything. We also had a very odd text convo about whether or not I like emeralds, my birthstone.

Now, KDO and I had planned a holiday weekend a couple of months ago. In fact, we originally thought we’d go out of town (out of state maybe to Chicago, for instance) but then decided to stay in town but somewhere nice. We also thought we were going to stay for two nights but realized that was supremely expensive this time of year, so we agreed upon one night. He came up with the St Paul Hotel as a great option, then booked us a suite and dinner reservations at the St Paul Grill as well which is located inside of the hotel.

Last night we’re in our gorgeous suite and his phone rings. He starts talking to someone and when he’s done he says he has to leave for an errand. My initial thought, honestly, was that he was going to get a Christmas present for me but did not think it would be a ring. But after he left I started piecing things together from our conversations lately and thought maybe he *was* getting a ring. Then I got nervous and had to tell myself that even if he were getting a ring, that doesn’t mean I’d be seeing it any time soon. Oh man, the wheels inside my head were turning.

KDO returned and I asked if his errand was successful. He proceeded to babble about how getting the car from the valet took a while but it wasn’t bad and some other nonsense that I tuned out. (Score= KDO 1, Patty 0 – He lobs so well!)

We got dressed up for dinner and went down to the bar. He bought us each a Scotch and we hung out there for about a half hour indulging in our drinks. Then we headed to dinner at the St Paul Grill (located in the hotel) where we each proceeded to have absolutely, phenomenal meals. Oh, our waitress was Lucille Ball (her name was really Debbie) with gray hair and a raspy voice who was spot on with service. KDO had the rib eye and I had filet mignon with béarnaise sauce, and we shared the au gratin potatoes. KDO was hesitant to try my béarnaise sauce but once he did, he turned into a convert. (Yes!) Towards the end of our meal KDO noticed there was a hansom cab horse drawn carriage outside and asked if I’d be interested in going on a ride. Excuse me, a horse drawn carriage ride? At the holidays? With fur blankets? Um, YES! So he heads out to the lobby to get information. He calls and gets us on the schedule for 8:30pm.

After dinner we went up the room to kill some time before we had to meet our driver. But a little after 8 we decided to go outside and take pictures at Rice Park (across the street) while we wait. We saw it arrive close to 8:30 and walked over, introduced ourselves and got in. Our driver was Birdy (very nice woman!) and her horse was Mike. Mike is 16 and had the best bells on his reins I’ve ever heard.

As we’re cruising around downtown St Paul with fur blankets on our laps, we’re chatting with Birdy. About 15 minutes in, Birdy was telling us about her honeymoon and how she was nervous at the time because though she isn’t very spontaneous she was trying for the sake of her husband who is very spontaneous. So for their honeymoon she agreed to let her husband plan everything. Right down to NOT having rooms reserved ahead of time (I can’t do that, hint hint, they must be planned and booked!).

Then I can’t remember what she said that triggered me to say, “It’s the second time around for both of us.” Birdy replied, “Oh, you’re married?”

I think I said no and KDO said no and we both were sort of mumbling and Birdy got quiet and it instantly felt slightly awkward. For about 10 seconds, for all three of us. I was looking ahead at the back of Birdy’s head; she was looking ahead and sort of crouched like, “whoops!”.

Suddenly, to my right a hand pops up with an open ring box and KDO says with a glisten in his eye, “No, so what do you think, you wanna?”

I screeched after what felt like a very long minute of shock (but was probably only a few seconds). Something I was hoping for so badly just happened and I couldn’t speak. Me. Speechless.

Then I said, “Yes!” and he put the ring on my finger and we kissed and kissed and I cried and he cried. In fact, I cried tear-cicles, according to KDO. I think even Birdy was crying – she told a lot of people as we passed (as did I) that we had just got engaged!

What an amazing and wonderful night in St Paul. I hope everyone feels this level of joy at some point in their lives. I wish I could share some of it with you – and maybe I have – but know that delightful surprises come when you least expect it. Merry Christmas, everyone!


st paul


5 comments on “Ya Wanna?”
  1. KDO says:

    I learned just this morning of my misuse of the term “Hansom Cab”. I mistakenly thought that an olde timey one-horse carriage-for-hire was by definition a Hansom Cab. Alas, no.

    BUT… it was an awful nice buggy or something, and Mike was an awful nice horse. And everything else about the evening was pretty doggoned awesome.

  2. Joyce says:

    Congratulations Patty! Can’t wait ’til you fill us in on your plans. Happy New Year to you both!

  3. Cyndy Bromley says:

    Absolutely perfect! All of it. And the ring is fabulous, unique, and beautiful. Just like my cousin. Good job Kelvin. You two are a wonderful undying love, if there ever was one. Congratulations! Cyndy

  4. Chandra Lynn says:

    Cakers!!! Congrats AGAIN! I’m so happy for you. And guess what!!! I just nominated you for “A Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” See post here: http://chandralynn.wordpress.com/2012/12/26/ive-been-nominated-very-inspiring-blogger-award/. Congrats, friend!

  5. HOORAY! I’m so happy for both of you. And what a perfect scenario, with Birdy and Mike the Horse. Congratulations K, what a special, lovely, spirited, wonderful lady you have! UW, you’ve always had my best wishes for your happiness, and now I know that some wishes do come true.

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