Helluva Luxe

Ever finish reading a book about a special place with amazingly, intriguing characters and come away thinking to yourself, “This is real, right?? Please make it real!!” Well, I read the book Helluva Luxe and that’s how I felt when I finished. While reading it I wanted so badly to dive into the book and be one of the characters because then it would HAVE to continue, it couldn’t end.

Yes, it was that good and I challenge you to read it and tell me otherwise.  🙂

The author, Natalie Essary has become a very good friend of mine over a relatively short amount of time. She is wise, she is intelligent and she knows of what she speaks when it comes to the fascinating goth world.

Read it, enjoy it, then wait as impatiently as I am for the next one in the series.

Dearest Natalie, 

You’ve introduced me to a world I truly thought would never interest me.  I’ve gotten to know you, your friends, even some of your family and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our chats. We shall meet in ‘real’ life one day soon my friend, count on it.  ~~Cakers~~ 

What do you think?

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