Color, Color, Color!

I’ve mentioned before I’m a member of a swap site called Swap-bot. I’m in two sewing swaps right now and I thought I’d share what fabric I bought for each of the projects. It’s so exciting because there’s so much color! Color, color, color! One project is making napkins and the other is making key fobs.

This is the tutorial for the napkin project, and the photo below is the floral fabric I chose. I just grin from ear to ear looking at this, I swear. It just makes me happy! The nice thing is that the swap only calls for 4 napkins, I got 8 out of this fabric. That means we, Sugar and I, get to keep 4 for ourselves. I see us on the deck this spring and summer, having a nice meal, sharing conversation and these pretty napkins in our laps.

Napkin Fabric

Here is a link to the key fob tutorial. Both of the people who created the tutorials, the napkin one and the key fob, did a fantastic job on detail. Seriously, anyone who has even a beginner sewing level can make these projects just by following their instructions.

And here are the fabrics for the key fobs. I bought 4 D rings which means right now the most I can make is four, but I have a feeling this will become a great stash fabric project and a fun one, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be making many more down the road. Perhaps these will be gifts for friends and family, hmmm. Any takers out there? 🙂

Key Fob Materials


One comment on “Color, Color, Color!”
  1. Judee says:

    Found you! Love those fabrics. Sorry I am not your partner in those swaps.

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