Cali-moon: Part 1 – Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Yes, I just made up a new hyphenated word combining California and honeymoon, Cali-moon. Pretty clever, don’t you think? Ok, ok, I can take a hint, on with the post.

Speaking of which, it’s taken me forever to get this started for two big reasons. One, when we got home from our honeymoon I realized I had over 1,800 pictures to go through. Second, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how I should format the blog post. I put a lot of effort into these and I didn’t want people to fall asleep reading it because it’s so long (as you might be now, so go get more coffee, it will wait), yet there’s a lot that I’d like to share. So how do I do it?

But thanks to a friend of mine I think I’ve found a happy medium, multiple posts with each one talking about a part of our honeymoon. So simple, yet so brilliant. Thank you, Chandra, you were a life saver. 🙂

PLANES: The fun began at the airport almost immediately. After we got through the pat down, I mean security, we stopped at a Caribou to grab a bite of breakfast and coffee, and then headed to our terminal and gate to wait for our flight. We no sooner sat down at what turned out to be a really nice gate area when Sugar noticed our terminal and gate had changed. All the way to the opposite end of the airport. You can’t help but laugh, right? So we laughed and began walking.

As we waited to board our flight I started knitting the scarf I had brought along with me. Once on the plane after I had settled in and we were in the air, I reached down to my backpack for it to continue. Not there. Checked the back pocket in front of me. Not there. I was so disappointed. Not only had I left my knitting back at the MSP airport, that meant I’d also left one of my very expensive, new circular knitting needles. I was nearly in tears. Then for some reason I decided to reach down and slightly behind me…there was the ziploc baggie with my knitting AND the needles. It must have fallen out of my backpack as I was settling in. Whew…now the trip could continue without being upset. More importantly, I had knitting with me. Yay!

We arrived in the early afternoon and when we went to pick up our luggage, we saw this awesome luggage ‘sculpture’! How cool is that?


Our hotel for the first two nights was in Fairfield, right near a grocery store, a handful of restaurants and the freeway. It had an outdoor pool and outdoor hot tub and was a really nice place. We essentially spent the afternoon grabbing a bite to eat (at an In-N-Out Burger, won’t eat there again), getting groceries, ordering tickets for the train and BART for the following Sunday to San Francisco, and generally relaxing. The weather was incredible and we spent a bit of time outside at the hot tub, swishing our feet around in the water and enjoying an adult beverage.


TRAINS: Before our trip I had never been on Amtrak but I had taken BART before on a couple of the trips I’d taken to Oakland with RT and to San Francisco and the surrounding areas. But I really had no idea what to expect on an Amtrak train.


We wanted to spend the day after we arrived in San Francisco but Sugar didn’t want to drive  there and then try to park and deal with an unfamiliar place, plus, it was a holiday weekend so who knew how crazy and busy it could end up being. Oh, and the America’s Cup was happening right on the pier in SF and that could have really made things complicated. So he came up with the idea of taking Amtrak as far as we could to San Francisco and then grab BART. What a great idea that turned out to be – we only had to drive to the Amtrak station just a few short miles from our hotel and then, of course, reverse that on the way back. Easy peasy!

And you know what? I liked the train, I really did. It was comfortable, it was quiet and you can really see a wonderful part of the countryside that you might not be able to otherwise. (More about our day trip to San Francisco in a later post.)


Another day on our honeymoon we took another train ride, but this time on a rather luxurious one. It was domed and all glass and we enjoyed a lovely lunch on it. We sat at a table with another couple who were also on their honeymoon, and also going to the Castello di Amarosa for a tour of the winery that yes, was in a CASTLE. But I digress.

The train ride was truly such a treat – amazing food, gorgeous countryside views – I really wished the ride to the winery would take longer but we eventually arrived at a stop where we got off to transfer to a bus that would take us to the winery. Now that, my friends, was the best tour I’d been on in years. Perhaps ever, and all because of our tour guide. Seriously, he made the tour so enjoyable that I wanted to sneak around and come back in to go through it with him again (I bet Sugar did, too). More on the castle in a later post (I know, I’m torturing you but you’ll survive the wait and it will be worth it) but here are a few pictures of the train ride to keep you happy for awhile longer.


AUTOMOBILES: Not much to say about this category, it just made the blog post title sound better.

Watch for the second post later this week titled Cali-moon: Part 2 – San Francisco Treat.

Thanks for stopping by!

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