Cali-moon: Part 2 – San Francisco Treat

We decided to spend the second day of our honeymoon in San Francisco. We’d both been to San Francisco before, for different reasons in our lives and with other people. I’d been there with my best friend, RT, and I also had the opportunity to meet up with a knitting friend, Marie, who gave me a lovely tour of San Francisco and on south to Monterey Bay. Sugar and I had hoped to meet up with my friend, KWAW, but unfortunately, that didn’t turn out. However, the next time we’re in San Francisco, we will have to do that so I can find out where in heavens name he stashes all the yarn he’s lucky enough to get at thrift stores! But I digress. 🙂

Now you’re left wondering what we did, aren’t you? Well, let’s see. There’s really SO much that I’m sure I’ll forget something, but I’ll just blame it on my age. Okay, here goes.


  • Ate delicious food – how can you not? It’s all right THERE!
  • Watched the seals play. They make the silliest sounds, seriously.
  • Visited the aquarium where I got to see my favorite thing – jelly fish!
  • Went shopping (he spoiled me *just* a little). Everybody say, “awww!” at the same time now.
  • Walked the length of the piers and checked out the sailboats (it was busy because of the America’s Cup) and people-watched (there’s a law that you have to do that in San Francisco. Just know that so you’re prepared).
  •  Took a tour of San Francisco and the surrounding areas via double-decker bus.
  • Experienced a temperature change that had even ME going to the lower level for a few minutes to warm up, while heading into fog near the Golden Gate Bridge…which we couldn’t see because of the aforementioned fog.
  • Got off the bus in Chinatown and had a fabulous walk-about, which included being offered a ginormous table and 8 chairs for a mere $2,500 which was quite the steal because, as he snootily pointed out in his fake accent, “It normally retails for $12,000!”. We literally had to back ourselves out of the store to get away from him. And then we laughed and made fun of him more, Sugar saying he thought he was really from Wisconsin, not France.
  • Enjoyed a wonderful libation at the end of the day at a lovely bar in Chinatown before we headed back to the BART station and on to the AMTRAK which took us back to our car in Fairfield.

As I noted before, I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things and Sugar can feel free to remind me. All in all, we both had a lovely and memorable day in San Francisco. So, go there! Do everything, don’t miss anything. It’s fun, it’s fascinating and I think I fell more in love with Sugar that very day.

Top left corner photo is of the Coit Tower. Sugar and I did not visit it, but I did get to see it previously with my friend Marie, I thought I was going to die walking up to it, such a steep walk! But let me tell you, it was totally worth it. The other two photos are from the pier area.


Silly things we saw while on the pier shopping.


The aquarium!!



Double-decker bus ride – a view of the Haight Ashbury area.


Chinatown – I want to go back. There’s so much to see and explore!


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