Cali-moon: Part 3 – Wine, Torture Chambers & Emu’s, Oh My!

Sugar and I have gone to a handful of wineries and participated in wine tastings. Our favorite, in Minnesota, is Cannon Falls Winery. But I think we’ve found a favorite in California, because of two things. One, we had an amazing tour guide (he was knowledgable without being snooty, he was engaging and had quite a sense of humor, just all around truly wonderful) and two, it was in a castle. Yes, a castle!!

I can’t do the castle and its history justice in this post, so I’m just going to include a link to the site for you. It’s called Castello di Amorosa and it’s located in Calistoga, Napa Valley area, California.

And yes, they really did have a torture chamber and emu’s and dragon spigots and gargoyle statues…and so much more.

Castle Collage


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