Friday Night Art Show

My husband’s brother, Stan Fellows, is a prolific watercolor artist and illustrator (for over 35 years, I believe). He’s extremely talented and as Sugar put it the other day, you can’t swing a, well, you can’t swing anything in this house without seeing one of Stan’s pieces. We’ve both purchased them over the years because they’re so varied and appealing. They range from outdoor birds to snow covered tree trunks to glorious flowers to stadiums and horses, and all of them still retain some of the actual pencil drawing he does to start them. They also typically have some journaling aspect to them, a comment or quote of some kind. They’re colorful, they’re interesting to look at and in my opinion, there’s a bit of Stan’s heart and soul in every picture.

Stan’s friend, Sandy, held a showing for him on Friday night – a meet and greet (and buy, hopefully!) if you will at her house. It was a lovely time with great people, wonderful food and wine, and a beautiful display of his work. And from what I could tell as a wandered about and through the house, quite a few sales. Here are a few photos from the evening.

The artist and moi.

S & P

The artist and his hostesses. They really put on a wonderful event.


Just a random shot through the window of the studio.IMG_8400

One of the books Stan illustrated about John Muir. Sugar purchased this for me after our honeymoon (where we visited Muir Woods) and Stan signed it for me at this event. <See photo after the book.> John Muir book

The drawing you see literally took him maybe 4 minutes and he was having multiple conversations at the time, along with getting his picture taken with his hostesses.

Seriously? I can’t draw a straight line WITH a ruler without concentration.IMG_8460

A couple of his paintings that were on display.

IMG_0301 - Version 2

IMG_0308 - Version 2

 A page from one of his sketchbooks.

IMG_8451 - Version 2

Stan and his two brothers.

It has been over two years since all three were together in one place so this was a fun shot to capture. IMG_0304 - Version 2

This is the painting I bought and today I framed it (with advice from Sugar).


It’s so pretty! I originally was going to hang it work but now I’m thinking it has to be here at home.


Stan’s pants give new definition to ‘painter’s pants’. They look great with a sport coat, don’t they?

IMG_8454 - Version 2

That’s all I’ve got peeps, go Google him, go Bing him…just check him out. You just might find yourself inspired by his work.

Thanks for stopping by, it’s very much appreciated. 🙂

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