Goody Giveaway!

Where did the last 11 months go? Sheesh. I feel like June was so much more recent than reality. But you know what makes all of that worth it? Knitting. Because for me it’s not only therapeutic but every project feels like a new journey. Maybe that’s why I like starting projects; it’s a new journey and time to play!


Today I was reviewing some of my own posts and out of the blue I came across a blogger who had ‘liked’ a post I put out some time ago. And I remembered I meant to check out her blog after that, all’s fair, right?. Well, I finally went there today and lo and behold she just happens to be hosting a giveaway.

I’ve entered every way I could, with the exception of Tumblr, but I may still get an account today to have an entry with that because she’s giving away some really cool stuff. And I’ve love to win me some goodies.

Maybe you want to try as well! Below is the link – give it a whirl!

Click here to go to the giveaway: Agujus – Giveaway

What do you think?

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