Olloclip Experiment

So I only have a few moments to post something and why not make it something related to photography since, well, that’s one of my passions.

I recently purchased an Olloclip for my cell phone and oh, what fun! Check out these photos of some tulips that Sugar sent to me at the office.

IMG_8966-2 IMG_8959 IMG_8949

I highly recommend getting one if you enjoy macro photography and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a lens. I believe this was about $60 and it’s actually 4 lenses total.

Enjoy your day!


One comment on “Olloclip Experiment”
  1. Arty-Kat says:

    I want an Olloclip for my 5s too- but don’t know where to find it. Where did you get yours? Your photo is gorgeous!

    Kat Sent from my iPhone in Beautiful Appalachia


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