I’m Not Doing It Right…Or Am I?

I must not be doing Instagram correctly.

Over the last couple of days I’ve had no less than a dozen people begin following me that I don’t know. The followers are three different types.

1. Accounts that are ‘private’ and have 0 to perhaps 30-50 photos, and yet they have thousands of followers (and they’re following just a few people themselves). They also ‘liked’ exactly one photo.

2. Accounts that are not private but none of their photos are ones that I have anything in common with so I can’t understand why they’d follow me. Example: One was a young man who loves his skateboard (that’s cool, good on him) but his photos are essentially of his accidents complete with bloodied body parts and other injuries, not to mention a lot of unsavory language in his photo submissions and throughout the comments themselves. <I’m not a prude by any means, I have been known to cuss once in awhile – but gratuitous cussing, and especially PUBLIC cussing like this only serves to make an individual sound horribly stupid.>

3. Accounts of scantily clad women who have at most a dozen photos and at least half of them are IDENTICAL (seriously, they’re identical) – professional ocean shots or food shots without them in them. Yeah. Pretty sure those are scammers.

So I’ve blocked all of the above mentioned people and reported the number 3’s.

Every single account I follow is either someone I know, someone I have found searching by hashtags, or a person that found me, who have similar interests. For instance, knitters, photographers and foodies. I’m not at all interested in following someone that has pictures almost entirely of bloodied knees from skateboard accidents, or women who have a gagillion pictures of themselves in the standard fish lips pose (can we do away with that pose already – it doesn’t show the real you ladies, in case you aren’t aware of it and I think it’s actually quite unflattering) or booty shots. If you are serious about following ME, the knitter, the photographer, the foodie, then be my guest. Don’t follow me in hopes I’ll follow you just BECAUSE you’ve decided to follow me.

And before anyone says it first, I know I can set my account to private. But I have made contacts with some very cool knitters across the world who take lovely photos of their work, and have found awesome food photos that give me really great ideas for not only photography but recipes. I wouldn’t have found these by having a private account.

Having said all of this, I do think I’m possibly an anomaly in that I may not be the typical Instagram user. I don’t take many pictures of myself, more so of objects and scenery and sometimes other people. I could do more of myself but I’d rather share who I am versus what I look like. 

As for my followers, all 79 of them, I’m okay with that number (I’m following 81, in case anyone is interested). I don’t need hundreds or thousands to make me happy.

So here’s the deal. I’m curious. Are people really that interested in getting likes and followers that they’ll just start following anyone? I’m sincerely curious and would love to read your comments.


3 comments on “I’m Not Doing It Right…Or Am I?”
  1. This was interesting. I have yet to IG, but I am planning on it. I am not liking Facebook, or liking it less and less. I have had that problem recently, of people adding me to groups with out even asking. And to things that would not even interest me. (Sports) I wouldn’t do that to any of my friends, much less a friend I only know thru a shared interest.

  2. It amuses me (not in the way they intend) when someone (like Chris Hardwick or someone else on @midnight) makes a wisecrack about the ghost-town that is Google+. I prefer G+ *because* it’s so much less friend-whore-ish than FB, less follow-whore-ish than IG or Twitter. And yes, exactly as Chandra says, easy to choose the audience of any and every posting, easy to block.

    I don’t think there’s a screen-followers-first thing on G+ either, but to be honest, I haven’t looked for one.

    I think I have an instagram account… somewhere. Hmm… I wonder if I can find it.

  3. Chandra Lynn says:

    Yes. People are that interested in getting likes and followers. I have students who write their IG addresses on the board and routinely request “follows.” It’s strange to me. I have the same problem with Google+ minus the teens who are looking for followers. I actually like Google+, but I’d like a way to stop people from following me unless I screen them first. Maybe, there is a way, and I haven’t discovered it. :-/ The difference though is with Google+ I choose the audience who sees my posts.

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