Well, where have the last 6 months gone? Oh, I know. It’s been filled with designing and knitting, designing and knitting, and well, you get the idea. It’s been stressful, it’s been exciting, it’s been eye-opening. And I’ve loved every minute of it. Today is the day I publish my patterns on the blog so that those who do not have a Ravelry ID can buy them. Although, if you’re a knitter you can become a member of Ravelry for free. It’s a fantastic community!

I’m still trying to figure out how exactly I want to present the patterns but for now they are on one page. Moving forward they may have their own link in the sidebar or I may have only photos and a name of the pattern which will take you directly to Ravelry to purchase them. We’ll see what happens!

I’ll be back later this week for a proper update on the last 6 months.

Current patterns are available via this link and via the Patty Olson Designs in the sidebar this page.


Patty (CakersKnits on Ravelry)

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